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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is provided?                   Printable PDF list                   

  • Bed linens, pillows, and blankets
  • Three Queen beds and five bunk beds
  • Towels (one for each person)
  • Gas grill
  • Eight life jackets
  • Canoe, row boat, paddle boat and four kayaks.
  • Toilet paper
  • Pots, pans and cooking utensils
  • China and glasses
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Cable TV
  • DVD/CD player
  • Internet access
  • Land phone
  • Board games
  • Books

Q. What should I bring?               Printable PDF list     

  • Food and beverages
  • Paper products like paper towels, tissue, and napkins.
  • Your special pillow or blanket
  • Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth paste, etc
  • Laundry soap  (liquid type)
  • Liquid dishwaser soap and dishsoap
  • Plastic garbage bags
  • Laptop computer and data cable
  • Fishing equipment

Q. What are the house rules?

  • Use life jackets when on or near the lake.
  • No Smoking in the interior of the lodge at any time.  Use the butt cans provided.  Please do not throw butts on the ground or in the lake.
  • No pets or animals allowed on the property or in the house.
  • No fireworks at any time.  They are a fire hazard
  • No camp fires anywhere on the property at any time.  They are a fire hazard
  • No candles inside or outside at any time.  They are a fire hazard
  • No more that 16 people on the property at any time.  The septic system can not handle the additional usage.
  • No ATV’s, off road vehicles, or motorcycles on the property.
  • No motor boats, sail boats, personal watercraft on the lake.
  • No cutting of trees or vegetation
  • No illegal drugs, or excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • No shooting of firearms on the property.
  • No littering no matter how small the item.
  • Parking on stone driveways only.
  • No killing, feeding, or disturbing any of the animals, reptile, and birds on the property

 Q. Are there bugs?

This is the great outdoors so, yes, there are bugs.  The gnats and mosquitoes are flying around seasonally.  Bring bug spray.

Q. Are pets allowed?

No,  We tried to allow them but it did not work.

Q. Are laundry facilities available?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer.  Please bring only liquid soap.

Q. Is there a TV?

Yes. It is a 50 inch plasma with surround sound.  There is only one TV in the house and is located in the game room.

Q. Is the house handicapped accessible?

The first floor and one bedroom is handicapped accessible.

Q. How do we get the key to unlock the door?

You do not need a key.  The Lodge has a “Smart Home System” with a key pad at the front door.  Prior to your stay you will be given a 4-digit numeric code.  This code will be sent to you once you have booked and paid in full.  It will become active at check-in time.  When you arrive simply type in your numeric code on the key pad next to the front door, the door will open, and the security system will deactivate.  When you leave the house you may lock the door and activate the security system by entering the numeric code once everyone is out of the house.  Your numeric code will deactivate at check-out time on your day of departure.  While in the house you can activate the security system in the “at home” mode by entering this same numeric code at the inside key pad.

Q. What safety features does the house have?

There is a completely interconnected fire alarm system and sprinkler system.  When not in the house you can activate the security system by entering your numeric access code at the main door.  There are also three fire extinguishers in the house.  Take time to locate them.

Q. Do you have a game room?

Yes, and it’s the best around!  Take a look at the floor plan for a better view  (click here for floor plan).  It has a 50” flat screen TV with surround sound or you can play a CD or plug in your own iPod.  There is also a pool table, foosball table, ping pong table, card table, chess table, and air hockey table.  You (and the kids) will not be bored on a rainy day.

Q. How many bathrooms are there?

There are four full bathroom and a powder room.

Q. Can I keep in touch with the outside world?

Do you really want to?  There is a land phone available and Internet access.  Cell phone coverage is weak.  We will tell you the lodge phone number when you make a reservation.  It is  not listed on this Web site, to prevent random calls that may disturb you while at the lodge.  Out going long distance tolls will be deducted from your security deposit or use a calling card / make collect calls.

Q. Can I swim in the Lake?

No, it is not recommended.  There is no beach.  The lake bottom is muddy.  There is no life guard.

Q. Can I fish in the Lake?

Yes, but you must have a PA license and follow PA State Fishing Laws.  We encourage catch and release.  There are perch, pickerl, and catfish.

Q. Are boats available?

Yes, there is a row boat, paddle boat, four kayaks, and a canoe available for your use.  You are welcome to bring your own boat that can be carried to the lake.  Gas engines are not allowed. Electric motors are allowed.  Eight life jackets are provided.

Q. Can I ice skate on the Lake?

No, we discourage this because of the possibility of falling through thin ice.  We recommend staying off the ice.

Q. Can I use my ATV on the property?

NO.  This property is environmentally sensitive and full of wildlife.

Q. Can I snowmobile on the property?

Yes, but only on the driveway, designated trails, and in the field.  Please know the property lines and do not trespass on other properties.  Please do not ride in the woods or on the lake.

Q. Are there hiking trails on the property?

Yes, there are mowed trails.


Q. Where can I buy groceries?

Zazzera’s in Forest City, on Rt 171, 13 miles south  570-785-3128
Hobb’s Country Market in Thompson, 3.5 miles northwest 570-727-2090
Weis Market in Carbondale, 20 miles south.  570-281-3300

Schneider's Market  250 Erie Blvd, Susquehanna, PA (570) 853-4415

Q. Can we have meals catered at the House?

We can recommend a catering service if you are interested.

Q. What do we do if there is an emergency?

Call 911:  The Lodge driveway is located ¼ mile south of Oxbow Road on Wrighter Lake Road. The property is just south of Wrighter Lake and north of Dunn Lake.  The driveway entrance is across from the red barn on Wrighter Lake Road. The official address is 3159 May Road, Thompson, PA 18465 but it is not marked.

Any questions or concerns that do not warrant police, fire, or ambulance

please call (973) 521-1007 and we will try to help you. We will provide our cell phone numbers when you book.

Q.  Is the house "Kid Friendly"?

No more than any other house with a lake, hot tub, and stairs.  You must watch your children.  We do not have safety locks on the kitchen cabinets.  We do not have blank plugs in the electrcial receptacles.  The stair to the second floor does not have a gate.

Q.  Are campfires allowed?

No, they are a fire hazard.  Do NOT create any camp fires on the property.

Q. What is there to do in the area?

There are many activities in the area and on the property.  Check out the Local Activities section.



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